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“ Borovets Euphoria Club ”  is developed in the Borovets area , at an altitude of 1350 meters , next to one of the most popular skiing centres in Bulgaria and just 70 klm from Sofia.

Borovets is situated among forests of centenarian trees , at the foot of mountain Rila , the “ Roof of the Balkans ”, as it is called, because it is the tallest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula.

No wonder why Prince Ferdinand the 1st selected Borovets as the place to build his winter resort at the end of the 19th century. The small mountain village, where Bulgarian Aristocrats used to go hunting, has gradually developed during the last decades into one of the most popular resorts in Europe.

The region attracts thousands of visitors, mainly during the winter season, thanks to Borovets skiing center . Apart from the wonderful alpine scenery, the region also offers plenty of activities throughout the year ( golf, mountain climbing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain bike, sightseeing etc ). For this reason, Borovets remains attractive also in the summer, also due to its proximity to the capital, Sofia.

The main streets of Borovets are full with restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. Beautiful pathways lead from Borovets towards the eastern side of the Rila Mountain and the seven picturesque lakes in the area . Moreover, Borovets is the ideal starting point for excursions in the region , such as the residence of the Bulgarian Tsars in Bristritsa, the famous monastery of Rila, Milenico with the renowned pyramids and the outstanding wine, but also Plovdiv and, of course, Sofia.

Although Borovets is quite well - known , it has not undergone unconstrained development. This is the reason why it still remains a very attractive destination and also an investment opportunity, not to mention the prospects stemming from the imminent development of the famous “Super Borovets” , a new venue for high standard alpine activities. “ Super Borovets ” is expected to develop into one of the most modern winter resorts in Europe.


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